2010. november 8., hétfő

a character design made in 3DCoat, yes in 2D.


2010. november 3., szerda

still the old goodies! I'm hopefully getting more and more involved with what I used to do with such passion back in the days: concept drawing and painting! Yepp! Animation? Lovin' it! Drawing, Painting, conceptual thinking?! Lovin' it too! where dat pencil sharpener?



2010. szeptember 17., péntek

character design dilemma, from back in the days...hopefully things will get more busy up in here :D

2010. augusztus 30., hétfő

Spaceman Stu from Kompost on Vimeo.

L! my animator buddy and ex-colleague and I worked on this spot this summer. Found out it was uploaded to vimeo through my other buddy: J!

2010. június 2., szerda

New illustration

Sort of new that is... some old (bad?) habits always sneek into the process. I like working with colors, have to study a lot tho.

2010. március 1., hétfő

Unfinished Business

Living in the past is no good, understanding it, might help future projects. This short film plan was something I proposed to do, and thought it would happen. It didn't. It might never happen. Moving on though. Lesson learned.

2010. február 24., szerda

Morning Glory?

Allthough this looks like an illo, I'll just file it as a reminder of the importance of story. After many attempts at making a short I've realized that you can't lie to yourself: keep it real, and keep it alive I guess. I'll regret these big words later, for now it's just good night and good luck.
Daily Message

Back in the days

This fella dates back to about 2001-02. The hungarian text suggests some deep thought, but actually is quite corny. Gotta love the stuff that comes to mind when you're green like a blade of grass.

2009. december 2., szerda

The Alcoholic

This dude was a random sketch and turned out to be decent enough to hit it with some lighting and poses. Adam supposes. He looks like he's in denial though.

2009. október 16., péntek


animation_test from juhada on Vimeo.

Fantastic Animated Gif

click and watch it move

2009. október 6., kedd

The laughing one

Although I will be posting animation clips later on I'd like to start off with a character design concept. This woman was fun to block out, she might make the final round of a fully fleshed out character with textures and even a facial rig perhaps...I have lots of 3D sketches waiting to get into the second phase. obviously lots of them won't make it, but I like working for fun and building a model library that might come in handy later on...

One-Two, One-Two. i always start blogs in october. My first blog was this one: juhada.blogspot.com way back in 2006 oct. It mainly contained illustrations and modeling works (in progress). Since then I dived into animation. I'm swimming now.